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You take pride in how you engage the people that surround you, and you take pride in how you give back to your community. You know your conduct leaves a positive, lasting impression. You are comfortably aware that your behaviour will be admired and imitated, so you stand tall and show your style.

Welcome to King and Country. A product line designed with you and all of today's gentlemen in mind.

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We wouldn't have it any other way

With products of all kinds available on the market, King and Country sought out to make products available to Canadians and people everywhere that are water-based and pH conscious. It's easy to put something together that does the trick. It takes a great deal of care, however, to come up with grooming products that take into consideration every stage of use from the moment it's put on to the time it's washed off.

The King and Country Shine Pomade, for example, was initially inspired by the gentlemen of the past who would always be well dressed and well mannered. A perfect hairstyle would often have been covered by a fedora, a flat cap, or perhaps a panama depending on the time of year. Once indoors, it was proper manners to remove your hat, and the pomade would have kept the well-quaffed style in place.

But the pomades of the past were all grease-based. They provided incredible hold and long lasting style, yet the drawbacks included the pomade transfering to your hat, clothes, furniture, and to whomever may be running their hands through your hair. Washing that grease out can be a task for which most men simply don't have time. King and Country made 'water based' a priority so your style will hold without being greasy, and your look of choice will rinse out with ease once you decide to do so.

Contemporary gentlemen are choosing the well-quaffed styles of our past, and King and Country Pomade is the gentleman's choice for style.

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King and Country Products are designed, tested, and produced in Vancouver, Canada. Barbershops and Hair Salons all across the globe can benefit from the dedicated research and thorough care that we at King and Country put into every product we make.

If you're interested in any of our products individually, or if you're a shop owner interested in picking up the King and Country line, visit our Contact Page and get in touch with us. We will be happy to hear from you.